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The University of Western Macedonia has established Quality as a fundamental component of the University scope and mission.

Quality assurance policies, set by the UoWM Administration, Academic and Administrative staff and students, are focused on consistently improving quality of the study programmes, research and administrative services with a view to achieving high standards of education and contributing to societal advance and progress. Quality Assurance policies are determined and systematically reviewed in congruence with the major quality objectives set by the UoWM Administration to:

  • constantly improve and upgrade educational processes
  • support and encourage research
  • promote excellence
  • enhance the image and international prestige of the University
  • improve services and facilities
  • get feedback from applied relevant and reliable internal and external evaluation processes for objective setting.


Πληροφοριακό Σύστημα Αξιολογησης Διδακτικού και Ερευνητικού Έργου (https://qau.uowm.gr)

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