The University of Western Macedonia should guarantee for and improve education and research quality, as well as effective service function and performance, in line with international practices and more specifically those of the European Higher Education Area, and the principles and guidelines of ΗΑΗΕ. The UoWM Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) is responsible for achieving this goal and serves a four-year term by decision of the Senate in accordance with the provisions of article 14, Law 4009/2011 (195 A ΄), (par. 5 of article 83, law 4485/2017,114 A '). QAU is comprised of the Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs (Chair) and the following members:

a. Five (5) UoWM Professors or Associate Professors having an internationally recognised scientific work and preferably experienced in quality assurance procedures.

b. Four (4) staff representatives, i.e. one (1) representative of the Special Teaching Staff (EEP), the Laboratory Teaching Staff (EDIP), the Special Laboratory Technical Staff (ETEP), and Administrative staff with voting rights when issues of the respective category of staff are discussed. Each staff representative is nominated by the respective bodies of the corresponding staff category.

c. Two (2) student representatives, namely one (1) undergraduate and one (1) postgraduate and PhD candidates. The representatives of the university students are elected according to the procedure - case b, paragraph 2, article 49 of Law 4009/2011. Candidates can be undergraduate students who have completed the first year of study and are within the duration of their course (≤N years of study), postgraduate students in their first year of study and PhD candidates in the first three years of their registration as doctoral candidates. Student representatives are elected for one year, without re-election right. In case of a barren electoral process for any reason or no nomination by their representatives of cases b) and c), QAU functions legally without students' presence, until appointment. In particular, for the representatives of case b), they will not be nominated after half of the term has ended.

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