The vision in the UoWM strategic planning is to establish the university as a major reference point among Greek and European academic institutions in terms of science and culture. Based on excellence, fully featured academic profile and generated range of knowledge, UoWM envisions to achieve a high position in world university rankings and become an institution which provides substantial support to economic, social and cultural development, both at a local and national level.


As part of its vision, the University of Western Macedonia:
  • pursues excellence in education, research and innovation by attracting, supporting and employing young researchers, academic and administrative staff, who are highly competent and professionally consistent and develop significant scientific activity
  • aspires, through up-to-date curricula, which promote state-of-the- art research and extrovert scientific activities, to gain a high academic status and potential and focus on social welfare based on democratic ideals, such as meritocracy, free thinking and promotion of scientific knowledge
  • promises to contribute, in as much as it is concerned, to prosperity, social progress and national and European culture, especially in the Balkans, through knowledge, scientific thinking and creativity


UoWM's mission is to promote and consolidate knowledge and progress through its dynamic, reliable and modern functions, both for the benefit of ts academic community and society. In particular, UoWM’s mission falls under the following three thematic axes:
(1) Education – Research – Culture:
  • development and implementation of curricula in disciplines that engage in sustainability in West Macedonia, Greece and the wider area of the Balkans and Europe. In particular, curricula focus on fostering knowledge, critical thinking and ethics, which aim at students' personal development, successful professional career and social status.
  • support and enhancement of scientific research, innovation and
  • extroversion with a view to increasing UoWM's international prestige
  • promotion of academic and scientific culture as well as scientific independence and ethics
(2) Economy – Development:
  • significant contribution to solving local and national development problems and assisting with regional development planning
  • development of business culture, ideas and organisations in order to achieve positive results in employment and income, and offer new opportunities in research and the economy
  • lifelong education and training emphasising the importance of human resources as a key component in production
  • exploitation of UoWM's assets and its intellectual, intangible and innovative research outcomes
(3) Just, responsible and open society:
  • shaping modern citizens via promoting knowledge, participation and cooperation with an aim to foster a responsible scientific outlook to contemporary problems and avoid discrimination and social exclusion
  • promotion of scientific thinking, free dialogue and exchange of ideas for the benefit of democratic values, tolerance and societal progress
  • support and promotion of cultural work, creative thinking and environmental awareness


The moral, social, cultural and scientific values fostered by UoWM are the basic prerequisites and essential conventions of principles and ethics to meet mission and vision requirements. These values should be cherished by the entire UoWM academic community.

Hard work, dedication and passion

UoWM members’ hard work, competence, enthusiasm and passion are the cornerstone for achieving the University mission. Educational, research and administrative work as well as creativity and commitment require effort, dedication and consistency beyond regular duties and responsibilities for the benefit of the University.

Creativity and sustainability

The development of new ideas, innovation and actions towards radical change and improvement of both processes and outcomes requires encouragement, originality and going beyond conventions, which are critical components of a culture of creativity. Creativity, however, must be inextricably linked to collective efforts to preserve and improve the environment, natural resources and infrastructure for the benefit of future generations and in order to ensure consistent university planning and functions.

Responsibility and consistency

All University members are committed to carrying out their duties, but they also undertake additional tasks, both in order to achieve specified job objectives, associated with the accomplishment of UoWM’s mission, and also to create an academic setting in accordance with the University principles and values.

Integrity and transparency

Decision making processes and criteria, implementation of decisions and management of a number of University-related issues are based on transparency, the widest possible consensus and focus on consolidating meritocracy and justice in all aspects of academic life. Transparency and accountability in all University functions is crucial to the university members’ integrity, and provides a healthy work environment.

Academic freedom and respect for diversity

By showing respect for democracy and humanitarian values, UoWM defends the University members’ right to prevent restrictive intervention in educational processes and scientific knowledge delivery. In addition, it protects the human and constitutional rights of the academic community members and encourages freedom of expression, constructive argumentation and respect for diversity of views and attitudes. Non-discrimination policies, which prevent individuals’ exclusion from access to knowledge due to different economic and social status or origin (gender, religion, disability etc.), are indisputable and enduring University values.

Strategic and Operational Plan

For further details, please download the University's Strategic and Operational Plan.
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