The University of Western Macedonia (UoWM) is committed to establishing, implementing, maintaining, reviewing and improving an Anti-Bribery Management System in accordance with ISO 37001: 2016.

UoWM is committed to maintain high standards of conduct and requires all staff, business associates and third parties to fully comply with this policy.

All UoWM staff and Administration bodies and services have been trained in this policy.

The University of Western Macedonia will prevent bribery, corruption practices, facilitation payment or any other illegal act.

The University allows only official donations in accordance with the Greek legislation, provided this is a rational and proportionate procedure. Gifts should be prohibited when they create risks of bribery and undue influence.

UoWM will not form partnerships with companies involved in corrupt practices and will immediately terminate relationships with partners or third parties, if this is the case.

The University Administration and staff comply with national and European Union Laws as regards bribery. In case legal and any other interactions are perceived as diverging from the specific policy in some countries, due diligence should be conducted by the Senate decision before any relationship or partnership is formed. However, the University, without any exception, refrains from offering or accepting bribes.

The University of Western Macedonia will not be deliberately involved in any transaction, in which corrupt practices are part of the agreement. When partners or third parties act on behalf of the University, they should, under their contractual obligations, agree to follow this policy.

All fees and expenditures must be legitimate, rational, justifiable and validated.

Conflicts of interest are not acceptable. It is a contractual requirement that the University Administration and staff avoid private business activities, political engagement or charitable contribution within the University’s authority and without the Senate’s prior written approval.

It is also a contractual requirement that all contractors and third parties declare to the University - before they act on behalf of it by any means - that they are involved in any conflict of interest, whether real or perceived.

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